Continuing Education

Continuing Education

  • DO NOT CALL: Yes, That Means You!

    This three-hour course is designed to familiarize the attendees with the responsibilities and rights conferred upon all Georgians when been solicited by real estate licensees.  This course is tailored to the needs of real estate licensees, providing detailed guidance regarding The Georgia Do Not Call List and The National Do Not Call Registry compliance and the ramifications that may follow a Do Not Call list or registry violation.  

  • Fair Housing – It’s Not An Option It’s The Law!!

    Upon completion of this course students will able to differentiate between the Georgia Fair Housing Law and Federal Fair Housing Act.  Participant will also be able to recall the 7 protect class of the Georgia Fair Law and Fair Housing Act.   Student will be able to identify discriminatory practices and the ramifications and monetary penalties that may follow a fair housing violation.

  • Managing a Georgia Real Estate Trust Account

    The broker has a number of duties and restrictions with respect to handling trust funds for sales contracts and leases. This course outlines the details of how to manage and maintain funds which the broker has collected on behalf of buyers, sellers, lessees, and landlords separately and distinctly from any other funds owned by the broker.